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Upgrading to 0.5.0โ€‹

This version requires a full refresh run if you have been using any previous versions. You will not be able to upgrade and have the package work without doing a full refresh.

To enable modeling mobile events, set snowplow__enable_mobile_events to true.

Upgrading to 0.4.2โ€‹

Two of the derived tables need to be altered for existing Snowflake, Databricks or Redshift users. Please modify the below script to fit your schemas and apply them before running the upgraded package.

The other option is to do a complete refresh of the package.

SQL scripts
alter table (your_schema)_derived.snowplow_ecommerce_cart_interactions alter column cart_total_value type decimal(9,2);
alter table (your_schema)_derived.snowplow_ecommerce_transaction_interactions alter column transaction_revenue type decimal(9,2), transaction_discount_amount type decimal(9,2), transaction_shipping type decimal(9,2), transaction_tax type decimal(9,2);

Upgrading to 0.4.0โ€‹

  • Version 1.4.0 of dbt-core now required
  • You must add the following to the top level of your project yaml
    - macro_namespace: dbt
    search_order: ['snowplow_utils', 'dbt']
  • Other changes required by snowplow-utils version 0.14.0

Upgrading to 0.3.0โ€‹

  • Version 1.3.0 of dbt-core now required
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