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Upgrading to 0.16.0โ€‹

Note the minimum dbt-core version now required is 1.5.0

Most upgrades and new features should be available automatically after the first run of the new version of the package, however there are a few breaking changes to manage before this first run. To enable any other new optional features or make use of the new configuration options, please see the configuration page.

  1. The seed files have been prefixed with snowplow_web_ so you will need to re-run dbt seed if this is not part of your standard workflow (note this will not drop the existing tables)
  2. Both the quarantined sessions and the sessions lifecycle table have has a column renamed, please run the below statements to rename this column in your warehouse if not doing a full-refresh of the package.
    alter table <your_schema>_snowplow_manifest.snowplow_web_base_sessions_lifecycle_manifest rename column session_id to session_identifier;
    alter table <your_schema>_snowplow_manifest.snowplow_web_base_quarantined_sessions rename column session_id to session_identifier;
  3. For Redshift/Postgres users, the context variables are now just the table name, no need for the complicated source function if you had overwritten these previously.

Upgrading to 0.15.1โ€‹

For existing Snowflake and Databricks Core Web Vitals optional module users the derived table snowplow_web_vitals needs to be altered due to column data type change. Please run the below queries to migrate. The other option is to do a complete refresh of the package.

SQL scripts
create table (your_schema)_derived.snowplow_web_vitals_new

event_id STRING,
event_name STRING,
app_id STRING,
platform STRING,
domain_userid STRING,
user_id STRING,
page_view_id STRING,
domain_sessionid STRING,
collector_tstamp TIMESTAMP,
derived_tstamp TIMESTAMP,
load_tstamp TIMESTAMP,
geo_country STRING,
page_url STRING,
url_group STRING,
page_title STRING,
useragent STRING,
device_class STRING,
device_name STRING,
agent_name STRING,
agent_version STRING,
operating_system_name STRING,
lcp DECIMAL(14, 4),
fcp DECIMAL(14, 4),
fid DECIMAL(14, 4),
cls DECIMAL(14, 4),
inp DECIMAL(14, 4),
ttfb DECIMAL(14, 4),
navigation_type STRING,
dedupe_index INT,
lcp_result STRING,
fid_result STRING,
cls_result STRING,
ttfb_result STRING,
inp_result STRING

insert into (your_schema)_derived.snowplow_web_vitals_new select * from (your_schema)_derived.snowplow_web_vitals;
drop table (your_schema)_derived.snowplow_web_vitals;
alter table (your_schema)_derived.snowplow_web_vitals_new rename to (your_schema)_derived.snowplow_web_vitals;

Upgrading to 0.14.0โ€‹

  • Consent enablement is now done via the snowplow__enable_consent variable instead of via the enable block. If you are using consent please set this variable to true
  • Some seed files are now required to run the package, please run dbt seed --select snowplow_web --full-refresh to load these. The schema they are loaded to can be changed in your dbt_project.yml
  • New columns will be auto-added to users, sessions, and page views tables, please be aware for any downstream queries/BI tools.

Upgrading to 0.14.0โ€‹

  • Version 1.4.0 of dbt-core now required

  • You must add the following to the top level of your project yaml

    - macro_namespace: dbt
    search_order: ['snowplow_utils', 'dbt']
  • Other changes required by snowplow-utils version 0.14.0

  • Redshift/Postgres users: The deduplication logic has changed as a result of which any downstream joins on context and custom event tables will have to be deduped. Previously duplicate events were removed right in the base module to avoid any complications but this meant that the data could have been incomplete unlike in case of other data warehouses. These events will now arrive complete and deduped but they will likely have duplicate counterparts in their respective context tables as well, hence the warning.

    In case you have any custom models, please check them and make sure that deduplication logic is applied on them when they are joined to the main events table. We have provided a macro - get_sde_or_context() - for you to use for this purpose in the latest v0.14.0 snowplow-utils package. Check out the package documentation on how to use it.

Upgrading to 0.13.0โ€‹

  • RDB Loader 4.0.0 or BigQuery Loader 1.0.0. If using postgres loader or older versions set snowplow__enable_load_tstamp to false in your project yaml and you will not be able to use the consent models.

Upgrading to 0.12.0โ€‹

  • Version 1.3.0 of dbt-core now required
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